About us

Hi there and welcome to my blog, the Armchair Politk. My name is Jo, and I am a thirty year old university student from Vancouver, British Columbia. I am a former political science major, with a strong background in international relations. My father was a Peacekeeper with the Canadian military for over twenty years, and my mother served as well. Dinnertime conversations around my house were always out of the ordinary. They almost never began with the conventional, “how was your day”, instead it was generally something more along the lines of, “so what’s the latest in Bosnia.” I thoroughly enjoyed being exposed to international affairs, and I think it made me a far more aware, more passionate individual when it came to things like politics. Though I never really had the stomach to get all caught up in the rhetoric, I’ve always been interested more in what politicians weren’t saying! I also think that news at the ground level, is just as important as a UN report, so I’ll try and give you a healthy balance of international and local stories. All of the opinions expressed here are my own. Enjoy!
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